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Traditional Chinese Jumping Rope Game 小皮球 香蕉油

7' Wooden Handle Jump Rope (pack of 12)Assorted rope colors

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  • New Concept- Volare-HK Ropeless Jump Rope

    No more worries about all the rope issues which would always exist on the traditional jump rope like: disruption and issues on the length and rope! This one is cordless and is designed for Less Worries and More Fun.

    Handle length: 6.3 inch
    Handle diameter: 1.4 inch
    Handle material: PP, Elastic sponge

    The handles which are made of elastic sponge will fit your hands better, industrial-grade smoothed steel tips and ball bearing turn make the rope spin much smoother and faster.

    Each handle contains a removable weight, and also the rope can be desired within minutes, it's easy and convenient for anyone to set up a more suitable experience for their own.

    Because of the ropeless, this jump rope won't kink and fits all height of people, what's more, it's easy to carry and you can do your rope jumping not subject to space constraints.

    This jump rope is easier to be controlled and suitable for people of all ages and both sexes, no matter beginners or masters.

    Rope jumping improves cardiovascular health as it improves the heart beat rate, thus it is beneficial for blood pressure patients. It's also known to help in improving bone density. Rope jumping is one of the best cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.

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    So order now & when you do why not get two... one for you & one for your very best friend or your WOD partner.

    @Kevin Durability was a key design challenge that we had to overcome to commercialize Smart Rope. The rope had to be light and flexible enough for normal jump rope use, but durable and impact-resistant to protect the LED and FPCB. By actually embedding the entire design into the rope itself, using guide cabling and wiring, and a special polymer structure, we've been able to get Smart Rope to double the strength of traditional jump ropes. We've wear-tested to over 300K repetitions on a variety of hard surfaces, and we have a full 60 day replacement policy. Thanks!

  • A POWER SYSTEMS BRAND! Turn your workouts into something entirely new! The Airope will intensify any exercise. From beginner to advanced, individuals at all skill levels can improve their cardiovascular conditioning by using the Airope. Incorporate it into group fitness classes, sports performance training, or rehabilitation, or simply perform traditional jump rope actions without the hindrance of a rope. You can use it alone or combine it with other equipment for greater versatility. There are no limits to what you can do, and getting started is as simple as the turn of the handles. The rope on the Airope PRO is thicker providing more rotational resistance than the Airope Original. Instructions are included.

    The design of the Smart Rope is also more advanced than that of traditional jump ropes. The rope inserts into the handle at a 45 degree angle, making the turning of the rope a more natural motion.

  • Double Dutch is the traditional jump rope game in which two people turn two ropes eggbeater fashion and one or more people jump in between them. According to the National Double Dutch League, it may have originated in ancient Egypt and China, where rope-makers jumped and bobbed over the strands as they twisted. Eventually, Dutch settlers brought the game to New York, and after a rocky 20th century, the game is back on its feet. The NDDL estimates that 100,000 young people compete annually.

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Chris Thompson and I are going to combine strength and cardiovascular training using an exercise band and a jump rope. You will see the cordless rope offers the calorie-burning benefits of a traditional jump rope without the required skill and coordination.