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  • The Rage R2 Training Jump Rope offers the ideal cord weight for any athlete, novice or elite. This rope features an adjustable cord that allows you to customize your rope to your height. Our patented speed-bearing handle provides less friction along with more precise movement. This steady control allows beginners to develop their rhythm and confidence towards double under progressions, while enabling experienced athletes to master double unders and speed events.

    These ropes are usually bought online since you won’t find them in typical stores. You can get the same ones I use (called “The Boxer’s Training Jump Rope” from the link below):

  • Good stuff as usual. I don’t have any experience of how boxers train jump rope especially for fat loss. I’m fairly comfortable with Double Unders and do them several times a week setted with burpees ( doing the 100 burpee a day for 100 days at moment) as a way of breaking up the burpees. Just wondering what sort of numbers or workout you’d suggest if you were looking at using DUs in a fat loss programme so that they’re actually an effective exercise?? I enjoy doing them anyway but I’d be interested to find out more.

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    Your complete workout program for anywhere! Get fit and stay fit with full body fitness programs using flex band strength training, jump rope training, and flexibility. 96 page book, DVD, fitness and training jump rope

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