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  • The quality of a jump rope will definitely impact your ability to complete double unders. The jump rope I used in the video is the , which I like because of its patented swivel system that is very smooth. I also have the which I used in my other jump rope videos. While the Valeo Jump Rope is not quite the same quality as the Buddy Lee Jump Rope (mostly in terms of the swivel system and rope speed), it’s very good for the low price of around $8.

    I recently wanted to start using jumping rope as a form of exercise so I found this Valeo Speed Jump Rope for about 6 or 7 bucks. It gets the job done, but personally I think a regular jump rope would actually be better. The rope is really a cable kind of material, so when it arrived of course the cable was folded up and because of the properties of the cable material, after being folded up it has a lot of creases in the cable. The "rope" basically looks like a big zig zag if laid out, this made it very difficult to use. I am currently trying to find ways to smooth out all the creases and make the cable completely straight. My opinion is that a jump rope with an actual rope or beads would be much better, but for $6 this one isn't too bad.

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