Valeo Weighted Jump Rope at Milliken Medical

Valeo Weighted Jump Rope, 2 lbs, Black

The Valeo Weighted Jump Rope is great for strengthening muscles while developing endurance. Each handle has removable 1 lb weight. 10' adjustable. One jump rope.

Valeo 2-Pound Weighted Jump Rope

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  • The Valeo Weighted Jump Rope allows you to add variety to your workout. This item can be used to increase your fitness level, strengthen your muscles and improve your coordination and flexibility. The cushioned foam handles make gripping the rope easier and it has sealed bearings to help even out the rotation while exercising. The weighted handles have removable 0.5 lb inserts. The black Valeo jump rope works out the entire upper body and lower torso.

    With an adjustable 10-inch durable, solid-rubber rope length, the Valeo Weighted Jump Rope features handles with removable 1 lb. weights and cushioned foam handles for a more comfortable grip and sealed ball bearings for even rotation.

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