Vortex 3 in 1 Jump Rope: The Next Revolution in Jump Rope Design

Our Cyclone Speed Rope is perfect for crushing your Double Unders in Crossfit

Vortex Weighted Jump Rope - Heavy Speed Rope for Crossfit Workout - Best Exercise for Kids or Adults - Adjustable, so Good for Children or Adult Fitness - Burn More Calories - Perfect Rx for Heart - Lose Weight Fast AND Build Strength - Quality Guaranteed

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  • J|M Innovations () has just released their amazing new product, the Vortex Weighted Jump Rope, available now on Amazon. The standard jump rope is already one of the best ways to get in shape, burn calories and burn fat fast. We've taken this great exercise tool, a staple of the crossfit workout, and given it an innovative and effective new twist by adding adjustable weights to the handles. Now you can increase strength and amp up the workout, burning more calories per minutes than just about any other form of cardio workout. Melt away the fat with an incredibly intense training session, while simultaneously increasing stamina and endurance, improving coordination and building upper body strength. And because the weights are adjustable, you can tailor the intensity to your own fitness level and goals.

    The Vortex Weighted Jump Rope is a high speed rope with lightning fast ball bearing action, and its length is adjustable so it can be perfectly measured to any size person, including kids. The handles are made of high-quality, durable foam that is comfortable and won't slip during even the toughest workouts.

    This short video shows you exactly how to adjust the weighted handles in quick and simple steps. Just a few seconds, and you're ready to hit that crossfit WOD. And a jump rope makes a perfect travel companion because its compact, and can be used just about anywhere--no bulky equipment or gymnasium needed.

    Step into the next generation of jump rope workouts with the Vortex Weighted Jump Rope. Visit our site for a link to buy on Amazon. And don't forget, our product is covered by our iron-clad, no questions asked return guarantee, and our limited 1-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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    Week 3 was Space Pirate theme with games for vortex and jump ropes. Children were given active toys and homework as well as an Active Play Every Day fridge magnet to take home.

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