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All Pro Weight Adjustable Weight-To-Jump Rubber Jump Rope, 1-Pound

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  • I am 21 yrs, 5’7″ and 150lbs. My weight is distributed evenly (well my bust has more than it needs but why complain), and I like the shape of my body so its always been hard for me to stick to exercise, although what I want is to slim down some so I can really be proud of my figure. I would like it to happen by summer (couple months away) so I’m bikini ready. I’d like to be 130-135 lbs by then and I just bought a weighted jump rope I’m really excited to use. Given the right diet circumstance, is it possible for me to lose that much weight by summer? How much should I jump rope to even get close? Comments welcomed thank you!

    hello, I am happy to have bumped into this article. Im 5 2 1/2, 38 yrs old 155lb, post menopause and struggling with a screeching halt in losing weight. I started jumping rope in grade school and loved it. Just recently I remembered how fast I lost weight jumping rope when I was fighting muay thai style kickboxing 12years ago. I am determined to drop these 30lb that have just creeped up on me over the last two years. I am 4months post foot surgery and I do a bootcamp style workout 2-3 times a week. I watch my calorie intake closely and eat whole foods, fish 3 times a week, chicken and I try a new vegetable every week. I weigh in weekly and I’m down 3lbs from last weeks weigh in. I have always learned the slower you lose the weight the longer it will stay off. I Dont diet but i choose a healthy eating lifestyle. I do slip(after all i am human) but i just jump right back into my healthy eating pattern. All of the Articles I have read Inspire me to reach my goal. BTW I had just finished working out for a short 20min workout, a very fast paced jump rope session with some muay thai kicks and punches and ab work for a nice sweat dripping cardio session. Thanks for the motivation, I wish everyone the best for the weight loss goals.

  • Weighted Jump Ropes are solid rubber with foam covered handles and swivel, ball bearing-like action. The Weighted Jump Rope provides both a cardiovascular and upper-body strength workout.

    The Weighted Jump Rope provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. You'll enjoy the comfort of ergonomic handles, which reduces strain on your hands.

  • Jump rope over 15 weeks was found to improve joint repositioning and coordination during mobility testing. Weighted jump ropers had these benefits but also improved their eccentric endurance of the lower extremity.

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Beginners should start with a basic lightweight speed rope before progressing to a weighted jump rope, according to Ross Enamait, professional fitness trainer. The durable plastic jump rope allows you to perform basic jump rope exercises and workouts to develop speed, agility and endurance. Also, the speed ropes are better at developing overall fitness and conditioning to complement a wide range of workout and training programs.