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  • The Original HeavyRope is a weighted jump rope allowing an athlete to gain both a cardiovascular & upper-body strength workout in one. Its available in 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 pound weights. A suggested training program is included with each rope. Each rope is 8' in length.

    Regardless of the style of rope you choose, ensure it's long enough to allow you to jump with ease. Ten-foot ropes are acceptable for most people, but if you're significantly shorter than 6 feet tall, a 9-foot rope is probably more suitable. If you find your rope is too long, untie the rope inside each handle and retie the knot to make it shorter. In the event you can't find a weighted handle jump rope, place a 1-pound wrist weight around each wrist to get a similar workout.

  • Increase your cardio endurance with our high quality Champion Sports Weighted Jump Ropes. Made of solid rubber with foam covered ball bearing handles, these 9ft ropes are sold in several weights to suit your fitness needs.

    Do you remember jumping rope in the 3rd grade? It was fun, wasn’t it? Well it is still fun as a grown up, and jump ropes from Power Systems can add a whole range of benefits to your current exercise routine. Make no mistake, using a jump rope is intense, and you probably won’t be able to do it non-stop for 10 minutes unless you are very well trained. However, jumping rope can be alternated with lower intensity activities, adding both variety and excellent physical training to your usual workout. You can also use special ropes from Power Systems, such as weighted jump ropes, speed ropes, double Dutch jump ropes and Chinese jump ropes for even more variety in your routine.

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    Weighted Jump Ropes are solid rubber with foam covered handles and swivel, ball bearing-like action. The Weighted Jump Rope provides both a cardiovascular and upper-body strength workout.

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Add another dimension to your training by using the GoFit Weighted Jump Rope. When working out with this rope, the 1/2 LB weights in each of the handles will help you develop the muscles in your wrists and forearms. It will also provide you with a great cardio workout. Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training.M